How to Develop your skills in Coding as a programmer

How to Develop your skills in Coding as a programmer

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·May 18, 2022·

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This blog is about how to Develop your skills in Coding as a programmer:

1. Code daily

Try to Code daily even 1 topics a day would be great.

2. Don't rush

Don't Rush the process of coding be patient, because coding is a long process.

3. Be positive

Be Positive every bug in coding has a solution if u have patient.

4. Self learning

Try to learn by yourself by coding on your own rather then just watching videos.

5. Create project

Create as much project as you can.

6. Divide your problem

Divide a complex problem into smaller parts which would make the problem easier.

7. Read Books / Docs

Read book and documentation of Related topics if you have a doubt.

8. Develop some curiosity

Develop a curiosity/Passion in Coding which would make the process/journey enjoyable.

9. Teaching others

Teach what you learn which would make your Understanding Rock solid.

10. Take short breaks

Take breaks when you get tired/Burn out and start again with a fresh mind.

11. Contribute in open source

Try to Contribute in open source which would provide you a real world coding experience.

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